Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bench Found by Paul Nichols

These bench pics courtesy of Paul Nichols: http://writingfromthehip.blogspot.com
He tells me:
About it: I spied it while I was out walking in a neighborhood I'd never visited.
As you can see in the 1st pic, it is only a few feet from thepublic sidewalk,
yet there was no bus stop or anything like that.
Quite alonely street, in fact.
It fit in with a home's back yard but was about 200feet from the house.
I couldn't justify taking pictures from a distance
because of telephone/light poles and street signs.
It is the round arm rests that really captured my attention in the first place.
Thanks for the pics Paul!!!


Anne-Berit said...

Hallo,thank you for visiting my blog.What a great idea to make a blog just about benches.They are beautiful the benches on your blog.I will try to explain what you saw on my blog.The pictures is from the harbour where they have made a place for the smaller bouts,and at the same time made a plase to sit and enjoy the view.There is a walking path around the whole area.The benches in the picture is made of stone,but there are also benches and tables made of wood.The big house with the glasswall,is our new police-station.My english is not wery good,but I hope you understand.Have a nice day!

Malyss said...

This bench seems to have been taken away from somewhere and left there, in the middle of nowhere...
I like its old grey color, used by the sun.This bench probably had a long life before....

Paulie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! The round arm rests are unique, , , interesting looking but I can't imagine comfortable for resting your arm. . . The bottom metal "strips" are ornamental also.

Jenifer said...

They are beautiful the benches on your blog...

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