Sunday, July 6, 2008

Decorative arbor bench

I liked the plain simple wooden bench even before they added the metal arbor and attached all the other "goodies" to the back and sides of the arbor bench. To see the details better , CLICK on photo.


Malyss said...

There are photos of benches on that bench!I imagine it in a garden with flowers climbing along the metal part of it;

Dusty Lens said...

A bench with flair!

Landliv said...

Sorry that the language was Norwegian... about "Bridges between", I've signed off, but nice to "see" you visiting anyway. This blog - about benches is really something - I will definitively read and see some more in here.

The garden I wrote about is unfortunately not my own, but a lady called "Helen Fredholm" - a fantastic garden inspired by English cottage garden- plants but with French and Scandinavian elements in between. So brilliant combinations - such colours working together in perfect harmony. It feels good for the soal to be in such places. Hope you enjoy the summer. All good thoughts from me in Norway