Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Bench

When Paulie started this blog I told her there were no benches where I lived. There aren't really but I forgot about this bench in my back yard. My sister and her husband made picnic tables and other concrete products. When they sold their business they had a few tables left and offered me and my husband one. We hauled it on the back of a pickup from south Alabama to northwest Georgia. Then my husband had to get someone to help him put it together. The table and benches were in pieces that had to be fit together. They are very heavy! My sister designed the tops of the tables and they were all different. You can clean the top off with bleach water and it shines up nice. So this is is one of the benches that goes with the picnic table. There is a sea horse design on the end of each bench. Since this is Paulie's blog she can tell me if she doesn't want this long post on here. lol

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Paulie said...

There it was right under your nose! I love it and the story behind it. Very artistic! Thanks for finding another bench RIGHT where you live!

AND, no, this is also yours and Kerri's --I just started it and asked you two to join me.

Thank you for your contribution. I see you also posted another one. I have been very busy and should put another one up soon.